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Envy - now EnvyNG: Interface for the installation of ATI/NVIDIA proprietary drivers with automatic hardware detection ...

X-Kit: Xorg.conf Parser/Validator written in Python widely adopted in Ubuntu...

Nvidia-common: Python library for graphics hardware detection and Debconf helper to transition users from obsolete graphics proprietary driver to other drivers in dist-upgrades ...

URandR: It is a GUI to RandR 1.2 written in PyGTK. IT covers RandR 1.2 basic functionalities and aims to make multihead configuration as easy as possible for inexperienced users ...

Screen Resolution Extra: Better user notification and easier setup (using PolicyKit and X-Kit) of multiple screens layouts in case of front framebuffer constraints ...

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Brief explanation on the name of my application:

The Italian for "envy" is "invidia" ( I guess you can see the play on words)

What is Envy?:

"Envy" is an application for Ubuntu Linux and Debian written in Python and PyGTK which will:
1) detect the model of your graphic card (only ATI and Nvidia cards are supported) and install the appropriate driver. However automatic detection can be overridden with the "Manual installation"
2) install the right driver for your card and all the required dependencies
3) configure the Xserver for you

Envy features both a GUI (which you can launch only inside a Desktop Environment) and a textual interface which you can use if, for example, you cannot start the Xserver.

  1. An Operating system and an Architecture listed in the table below
    (PPC is NOT supported)

  2. An Internet connection (better if broadband)
WARNING: you will have to remove the driver you installed with Envy before upgrading Debian or Ubuntu to a newer release (e.g. upgrading Ubuntu Edgy to Ubuntu Feisty or Debian Etch to Debian Lenny).

You will have to type the following command:

sudo envy --uninstall-all
[NOTE: This is no longer necessary with EnvyNG]
Supported Operating Systems
Envy is no longer supported starting from Ubuntu 10.04. Please use Jockey instead.

Currently there are 2 versions of Envy: Envy Legacy and EnvyNG. Have a look at the following table to see which one you should choose:

Envy Legacy
Operating System Architecture Operating System Architecture
Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 x86, x86_64 Ubuntu 8.04 up to Ubuntu 9.10 x86, x86_64
Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04 x86, x86_64
Linux Mint Daryna x86, x86_64
Linux Mint Celena x86, x86_64
Ubuntu Dapper Drake 6.06 x86, x86_64
Ubuntu Edgy Eft 6.10 x86, x86_64
Linux Mint Bianca x86, x86_64
Linux Mint Cassandra x86, x86_64
Debian Etch 4.0 * (read the Known Issues) x86, x86_64

How do I install/use Envy Legacy?

Read point A of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Envy Legacy on Ubuntu

Read point A of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Envy Legacy on Debian

How do I install/use EnvyNG?

Read point A of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for EnvyNG

How do I file a bug report about Envy Legacy?

You can either file a bug report on Launchpad or send me an email

How do I file a bug report about EnvyNG?

You can either file a bug report on Launchpad or send me an email

Frequently Asked Questions
If you can't install Envy/EnvyNG, or Envy doesn't work for you and/or you would like to ask a question about Envy, please have a look at the Frequently Asked Question before sending me an email or filing a bug.

Source code

(only developers might want to download this)