NOTE: What to do if Envy 0.9.6 worked better for you then 0.9.7 does

Just a note on my previous blog post about the release of Envy 0.9.7:

If this new release of Envy doesn’t work for you (but the previous releases did) you can follow these instructions to both restore your previous settings and send me a report of what happened.

First of all, Envy makes a backup of your xorg.conf therefore you might want to restore it by following these steps:

Boot in Recovery Mode (select it from the GRUB menu)


cd /etc/X11/


you’ll see xorg.conf and other backup files (e.g. xorg.conf_backup_200703022015)

replace xorg.conf with a backup:

cp name_of_your_backup_file xorg.conf

then reboot by typing:


You should be back to your previous configuration. If not, just type:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

and set the driver to β€œvesa”. Press Enter whenever you don’t know the answer to the questions you’ll be asked.

At this point you can send me a copy of your /var/log/envy-installer.log so that I can see what went wrong or just copy the file to your home folder so that you can send it to me later (please, do it before uninstalling Envy).

Then you might want to remove envy in order to install the previous release (0.9.6) (provided that it worked better for you):
sudo apt-get --purge remove envy

wget -c

sudo dpkg -i envy_0.9.6*.deb

Then launch envy.

Good night from Italy.

7 thoughts on “NOTE: What to do if Envy 0.9.6 worked better for you then 0.9.7 does

  1. have tried running Envy 0.0.6 and .7 on this Freespire 1.9.14 RC and i always get the same message, “Your operative system does not seem to be supported by Envy”

    if i understand correctly, Freespire is built on Ubuntu and i think i was able to use Envy on one of the previous builds. i’m trying to set up an ATI R250. It’s working now, but my glxinfo says that “Extension GLX missing on display :0.0”

    Have a great evening and thanks for all your wonderful work! πŸ™‚

  2. @Fred Frazelle
    I don’t know Freespire however we can find out if it can work with Envy just by seeing what this command returns:
    lsb_release -c

    If you want you can post your /var/log/envy-installer.log

  3. Hey I’m having the same issue with freespire. Is there any way to override the distro check?
    lsb_release -c returns
    It would be great if this could work because I have a nvidia fx5200 pci and x wont even start with the card installed.

  4. In order to install the nVidia driver using Envy for Freespire 2.0, modify the file as per this page

    However, instead of replacing “gutsy”, find the line with feisty in it and add skipjack, as in “skipjack-feisty”, save and run Envy and Install!!!

    Works like a charm! Magic! Yeah, Envy! Yeah, Alberto!!

    Have a great evening! πŸ™‚

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