Mini-howto: using Envy on Debian Testing or Unstable (WARNING: use it at your very own risk)

Etch is the only Debian distribution currently supported by Envy, however many users keep asking me how to use Envy on Debian Testing (Lenny) or Unstable (Sid). If you want to try Envy on Debian testing or unstable at your very own risk you can follow these steps:

NOTE: you will have to put the word “sid” instead of “lenny” if you use Debian unstable

sudo nano -w /usr/share/envy/instun/

go to line 324 so as to see the following line:
elif self.details['osname'] == 'cassandra':#SUPPORT FOR LINUX MINT CASSANDRA
self.details['osname'] = 'feisty'#this will make it act like

replace ‘cassandra’ with ‘lenny’ and ‘feisty’ with ‘etch’ so as to see something like the following (please, edit the file manually so as not to break Python’s indentation):
elif self.details['osname'] == 'lenny':#SUPPORT FOR LINUX MINT CASSANDRA
self.details['osname'] = 'etch'#this will make it act like feisty

Then press CTRL+X to exit (save the file)

Envy will no longer complain about the fact that your OS is not supported however it may crash for other reasons.

NOTE: WordPress doesn’t seem to keep Python’s indentation :-/

17 thoughts on “Mini-howto: using Envy on Debian Testing or Unstable (WARNING: use it at your very own risk)

  1. Can I use same method on linuxMint 3.1 Celena? It does not pass and says that my system is not supported even after I changed Cassandra to Celena. Thank you

  2. Sorry, I was out a bit. Here it is:
    trace@trace-desktop:~$ lsb_release -c
    Codename: feisty

    However I am running LinuxMint 3.1 (Beta)

  3. Hi. I have installed a latest version “Envy Legacy – 0.9.10-0ubuntu10” in a Debian/lenny with 2.6.22-3-amd64 kernel.
    My problem is that there isn’t a /usr/share/envy/instun folder. I have only this folders:

    There is another modification to make envy works in lenny or for the moment there isn’t a posibility.
    Thanks for the great program, i have used in another computer with ubuntu and works very good.

  4. Ok.
    At first when i try to use envy

    #envy -t
    OK: All the packages are installed

    | |
    | Welcome to Envy 0.9.10 |
    | |
    | Developed by Alberto Milone (aka tseliot) |
    | |

    | Envy Menu ver.0.9.10

    ((The menu appears complete))

    Envy – Version 0.9.10
    ENVY ERROR: Your Operating System does not seem to be supported by Envy

    This error message i understood that is because lenny isnt supported. Ok I go to
    and here there isn’t a “instun” folder and less the file

    I have search inside files on this folders and the unic file that have something similar is envyui/

    I expect that will be a solution soon

  5. Greetings. I have lenny installed and your guidance works fine once Envy’s is located. Regarding cannot find the /usr/share/envy/instun folder, try updatedb followed by locate I found two instances, one in /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/Envy and one in python2.5. Since some things may you go hmmmm both were edited and it works.

  6. I remember that Envy on Ubuntu (8.04) was the only way for me to get the ATI drivers to work correctly (w 3D enabled).
    And with the solution suggested by Michael works for Debian/Lenny too!
    Thanks both of you.
    Alberto, you did a great job.

  7. Greetings!

    When Debian Lenny is officially supported by Envy?
    Lenny was declared a stable release abotu a week ago I suppose…

    Thank you for Envy and your hard work to keep it running!

  8. Same thing here, I run Lenny and now it has been stable for quite some time. Would love to be able to use envy (or ng) on Debian Lenny.

    Anyway, want to also thank you for envy, since it is a great tool and works like a charme on Ubuntu. You are part of why Ubuntu is conquering the world and making Linux usable on any desktop or Laptop even for lay people.


  9. instale envy en debian lenny y me dise que la version no es compatible con lenny.

    Trato de modificar el archivo en la carpeta instun y no esta por ningun lado que puedo hacer por favor necesito configurar mi tarjeta nvidia gforce 7100 en linux

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