NVIDIA driver 173.14.12 in hardy-proposed and intrepid

If you experienced problems with the NVIDIA driver 173.14.09 you might want to give version 173.14.12 a try.

The driver is available on Hardy in the hardy-proposed repository (you will have to install it through EnvyNG, if you haven’t already done so) and should now work with Xen kernels too (thanks to a little trick which I backported from Intrepid).

The name of the package for Intrepid is nvidia-glx-173.

Release Highlights:
Added support for GeForce 8600 GS.
Fixed a problem with missing rendering in OpenGL Workstation Overlays.
Fixed a problem with running some SDL applications and virtual terminal switching.
Fixed a potential crash in nvidia-settings when saving to the X configuration file.
Improved error recovery paths in the case of corruption of the commands sent to the GPU.

Please test the driver (for Hardy) and report your experience with the driver in this bugreport.

NOTE: the driver has been uploaded today but should be available tomorrow.

18 thoughts on “NVIDIA driver 173.14.12 in hardy-proposed and intrepid

  1. I have a nvidia 9600 GT and can’t install via EnvyNG. Get this message from Envy:

    Exception: EnvyNG ERROR: Envy does not recognise your card as compatible with any version of the driver.this might happen because either your card is not supported by the driver or Envy’s hardwaredetection failed. You can try the manual installation at your risk.

    Isn’t my card supported with this version? A fresh installed Hardy, updated, proposed rep on, installed EnvyNG. Card works fine in 2D, but I want to run it in GL mode (WoW).

  2. Hi,

    i installed EnvyNG and updated from 169.xx driver shiped with Ubuntu to 173.14.09 to 173.14.12. I ihave a nVidia 8400 GS and getting the black window bug or non redered windows with Compiz much faster then using the 169.xx driver shiped with Ubuntu 8.04. Another problem is that X freezes after a while using Blender on Compiz. The 169.xx driver just hangs a second and worked again instead of freezing the complete X.
    Is there a guide how to reverd to the 169.xx drivers shipped with Ubuntu? I tried it several times and getting a lot of X problems 🙁

  3. Hello Alberto first i like to say that ur program is excellent, i have seen that EnvyNG now have a option to save all the installation packages, but it only save the nvidia driver source and only two other packages to the destination when the option is selected, but i see a lot of packages are being downloaded, is there a way for me to download all the Dependent packages using EnvyNG that required to install nvidia driver, thank you very much.

  4. Okay, so I decided to remove envy from my ATI system and install the manual way so I could try the new drivers. I have decided that all the new drivers suck and I want the restricted drivers that come built into the original install. However I can’t figure out how to go back to the restricted driver version.

    Albert, can you PLEASE tell me how to revert to the original restricted drivers. I googled and searched and so far not magic bullet. I’ve installed the 8.7 driver so I can use the system again, but I want to go back. PLEASE HELP!

  5. I wonder if there will ever again be an update to Envy Legacy? Right now Im sort of left hanging mid air, 7.10 and Nvidia 169.12 drivers, which is starting to feel REALLY old and outdated (have an 8xxx card).

    I realize that the focus is on NG, so I want to know if there is any point in hoping for an updated Envy legacy or if I need to revert to manual updates again.

    In any case, thanks for the great work you done so far for driver updating on Linux! 🙂

  6. I have an Dell xps m1330 with 8400m GS but currently don’t have the time to experiment. But is this driver an aid to speed up javascript (jquery animations and such) performance in firefox 3? This performance is now quite horrible and I heard this has to with nvidia drivers.

  7. Any chance to see the newest drivers in Hardy? Version 173.14.12 still has power management issues (suspend and hibernation don’t work) which have been resolved by 177 under Intrepid. Thanks.

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