A few updates on EnvyNG, NVIDIA and URandR

I have updated envyng-core (2.0) and envyng-qt (2.0) in Intrepid. The GTK interface doesn’t work and even if I managed to solve the problems with GTK and threading I couldn’t upload it since we’re in feature freeze.

The new textual interface and the QT4 interface now rely on python-apt and python-xkit. Thanks to the work I did on the drivers I won’t have to keep the compatibility list updated since it will rely on the same system which we are using for Jockey.

By testing EnvyNG you will (indirectly) help Jockey too since you will test X-Kit and some other features I have worked on for Jockey.

NOTE: if you have this problem please have a look at the suggested solution in the same bug report.

NVIDIA and kernel 2.6.27:
Currently only driver 177.68 seems to work with 2.6.27. I have written a patch for driver 173 too, however I’m experiencing a rather nasty problem.
EDIT: the driver works well with a new patch now

as you can see on Bryce’s blog I am now contributing to GNOME’s Monitor Resolution Settings panel. There is still some work to do (in C) and I’m having a lot of fun with it. I find it a great program and I’m focusing on it instead of completing the rewrite of URandR. I’m not saying that URandR is dead but it’s development has stalled.

Stay tuned

23 thoughts on “A few updates on EnvyNG, NVIDIA and URandR

  1. “The GTK interface doesn’t work and even if I managed to solve the problems with GTK and threading I couldn’t upload it since we’re in feature freeze.”
    You could ask for a Freeze Exception. There’s more info about it on the Ubuntu wiki.

  2. if you’ve already updated intrepid to envyng-core (2.0) and envyng-qt (2.0) then wouldn’t any further changes be bug fixes rather than feature upgrades ?

  3. Hi Alberto!
    Sorry for the bad english.

    First of all thank you for all thr great work you do on envy. Can you explain me why Nvidia’s driver update comes regularly, while for the Ati’s driver we must wait one or two months untill we have them on envy?
    Currently the only Ati’s driver avaiable on envy is 8.6…in a few days 8.9 will be released!
    Ati is adding new features on every linux driver update and not only makes bug fixes so having the drivers always up-to-date is not only for “fun”!

  4. Hi Alberto!
    I know you are probably very busy with your other projects, but we are all waiting for the new Ati drivers. Would it be possible to see them in envy any time soon?
    Thanks a lot and keep the good work! 😉

  5. Hello,

    I have tried installing this, but I keep getting those dreaded “errors” found when trying to install Radeon drivers on Ubuntu.

    I’ve re-installed Ubuntu like 500 times – and this is the last 🙂

    I’ll install Envy once all the updates are done, and if I have issues, I’ll just settle for “1024×768” at 60Hz with NO Compiz….


  6. Hi Alberto.
    As one of the other posters I’m wondering what the chances are of seeing support for the most recent ATI drivers – 8.9 at the moment?

    Cheers, Martin.

    P.S. Thank you for a nice tool! Keep up the good work.

  7. Hi,

    first thanks for your great work.

    I just discovered that the 177 series driver is final now… as you announced to make it available for hardy as soon as this happens, will you? 🙂



  8. Hi Alberto, Nice work!
    Would you please update the 177.80 driver for Hardy? It is a main update and is said to solve many of the graphics problem in KDE4.

  9. Hey Alberto,

    i would be very very pleased, if you could update envyng for hardy with the new 177.80 driver by nvidia.
    On all my workstations are both KDE4 and new Nvidia GPUs used. So please make a much better usable desktop possible!

    thanks in advance

  10. EnvyNG is great! But it doesn’t support the latest 177.80 driver for NVIDIA. Is there a way to easily manipulate the script ourselves to make that possible, or alternatively, when do you hope to upgrade EnvyNG? Thanks.

  11. For Intrepid Ibex you can download the last ATI driver from the repository.

    We thing that the driver are fglrx 8.11 BETA because there is the support for x.org 7.4 🙂

  12. Hi all,

    I too am looking forward to the new drivers, but let not be impatient. Alberto has all ready answered the question when.

    Quote: If you don’t uninstall EnvyNG, you will receive the new release of the driver automatically with Ubuntu’s updates. I will made the updates available after a while so as to have the time to test the new driver. Furthermore I work on this project in my spare time, therefore donations are welcome (see the Paypal button in the right sidebar of this page).

  13. Hi.
    Two questions:
    1) When un-installing the proprietary ATI, the driver defaults to “vesa”, not “radeon”. Why?
    2) Whith the prop-ATI I have two Xorg processes running. Why?

    My system:
    Celeron D 3.06
    ATI 2400 PRO, PCI-E

  14. I have installed ubuntu linux 9.04 on my old ibm x31. I wanted to install a better driver for my ati radeon Radeon M6 LY. I installed envy and enabled the radeon driver and it destroyed the interface. I now get some gibberish that looks like a tapestry. In any case, it is unusable. I am reinstalling ubuntu. I would like to have a better driver but I am a college prof, not a programmer. Is there a way to use something like envy? Any help would be appreciated.


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