Suggestions for an ATI card to test the ATI driver

My old ATI card is not supported any more by the ATI driver (fglrx) since version 8.28.8.

For this reason I can’t test the latest ATI driver which I provide in my repositories (for both Dapper and Edgy) and I can only test the Nvidia driver.

The ATI driver is causing more problems than the Nvidia one and I have a few users complaining about their problems with that driver in this thread:

and here in the Italian forum

But let’s get to the point: I need a new ATI card to test and tweak the driver which I provide

The requirements for the card which I’m looking for are:

* it should be a cheap card
* it should be an AGP card (since my mobo has no PCI-E slots)
* it should be supported by the latest ATI driver.

Here is the list of the cards which are currently supported:

I’d rather buy a card of the X series (e.g. X800) so as to be sure that the support for it won’t be dropped soon.

If you have any suggestions about the model I might buy, please let me know.

9 thoughts on “Suggestions for an ATI card to test the ATI driver

  1. I have an old boxed ATI Radeon 9250 which I’ll happily send you if it’s any good to you. Unfortunately I couldn’t see it on the ATI list, so it may well be no good for this job, but I thought I’d ask anyway.


  2. well afaik x300 cards are already pci-e (i got an x300se – it’s probably the cheapest pci-e card). so you should go for anything lower than that.

  3. Alan Pope:
    Thank you very much. I really appreciate your offer but unfortunately the card is not supported by the driver any more.

    ATI X1300PRO is available in both AGP and PCI-E versions.
    It’s not a cheap card though.

  4. If you’d use the open source driver, your card would be working right now. I’m using a radeon 9200 and it works perfectly, I’m in Google Earth right now

  5. Wow, your card is supported by the free driver and you complain? Because that is exactly the opposite that should happen. After all the fact that you say that the proprietary driver dropped some hardware support and still cause problem to users is the real example WHY these proprietary driver are bad.

    After all, if there are problems and it is proprietary, why bothering to support it….

  6. sxpert and Hub

    I use Nvidia cards. But I have started this project:

    In other words I provide up-to-date versions of the Ati and Nvidia driver in the restricted modules. I have 3 repositories for that.

    I can test the Nvidia driver but not the ATI one since ATI dropped the support for the only ATI card I have at home (in an old computer) i.e. 9100.

    Some users complain about the ATI proprietary driver (which I package) and I can’t help them because I can’t try the driver myselft.

    I only need an ATI card which is supported so as to put it in an old computer of mine (a p3 500MHZ, not my main computer), test the driver and tweak it (if necessary). I wouldn’t use it for anything else (I’m quite happy with my Nvidia 5500 in my main computer).

  7. I happen to use your repository for my thinkpad T60’s ATI card and am all about giving back to the community. Name a decent mid-range ATI card and I’ll buy it / send it to you. Send me an email if you’re interested.

  8. The OpenGraphics Project ( will release a 3D-enabled card that will have completely open documentation and internal design so that Free/Open Source drivers can be written for Linux. I suggest you wait a couple of months to get an OpenGraphics Card.

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