Quick updates on Lucid

This is just a brief announcement, I hope to have the time to say more when I’m back to Italy (currently I’m in the US).

  • EnvyNG and Envy are no more. I had no time to maintain them and I really prefer to work on Jockey (I had already contributed code to it in the past) as it’s our general purpose driver manager.
  • The Nvidia installer from Nvidia’s website won’t work anymore because of the new alternatives system that I have implemented in Lucid. I’ll work on this so that it’s fixed before the final release.
  • Thanks to the new alternatives system you will be able to have all of the nvidia drivers and the fglrx driver (when the latter will be compatible with Lucid, that is) installed at the same time but use only one at the time. Switching between drivers will only be a matter of launching Jockey and selecting the driver you need. Ideally (in the future, not in Lucid) you won’t even have to do this and Ubuntu will switch to the right the driver on boot.

I hope to be able to blog more about my work soon.

5 thoughts on “Quick updates on Lucid

  1. Very sweet! I do wonder about the future of the proprietary drivers in Ubuntu, though, as they do not plan to support features like KMS in the near future and the boot overhaul will heavily depend on those.

  2. Hello! I have ubuntu installed on an eSata drive that I want to use at my work desktop and my home laptop. Work desktop has nvidia card, laptop has ati. I have a problem in that I would like to use full features of both cards from same OS install. I assume that I will need to switch dynamically between nvidia and ati proprietary drivers at boot or soon thereafter. Do I read your post correctly and that you are working on a way to swap out installed drivers at boot?

    Secondly, so you know of any current solutions to this problem?


  3. So why aint there any cli option to Jockey ?
    Jockey cant find anything. Jockey is crap.

    Envy was great in Ubuntu.

    This is very very sad.

    If Envy is Gnu project, why cant any other hacker continue ?

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