Envy 0.9.6-0ubuntu1 is now available

Envy 0.9.6-0ubuntu1 is now available.

Here is the changelog:

* Added: NVIDIA new legacy driver 9639
* Removed: NVIDIA new legacy driver 9631
* Added: ATI driver 8.38.7 (hotfix)
* Removed: ATI driver 8.38.6
* Changed: new packaging system for envy
* Changed: removed the getCommandOutput function and cleaned the code in general
* Fixed: the problems with the diversion of libglx.so
* Fixed: lsb-release added as a dependency

Please, remember to remove your previous release of Envy before you install this new release:
sudo apt-get --purge remove envy
sudo rm -R /usr/share/envy

You can get Envy here as usual.

P.S. I have stopped working on URandR since I have (yet) another exam next tuesday. As soon as I’m done with the exams I *should* be able to get back to writing some code for URandR.

4 thoughts on “Envy 0.9.6-0ubuntu1 is now available

  1. Hi, thanks for a great plugin!
    I couldn’t find this in the wiki, so I’m asking you: Should I run Envy and uninstall the older ATI driver before I uninstall Envy and install the newer version?
    Thanks! 🙂

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