Envy 0.9.3 STABLE adds the support for Debian Etch and Ubuntu Dapper

Envy 0.9.3 STABLE adds the support for Debian Etch, restores the support for Ubuntu Dapper and fixes a few issues. Furthermore Envy adds the support for the Nvidia legacy driver 7185.

Another interesting feature is that Envy passes an option to prevent Geforce Go 420/440 from facing a black screen after installing the Nvidia driver.

Envy supports the following Operative Systems:
Ubuntu Dapper Drake 6.06
Ubuntu Edgy Eft 6.10
Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04
Debian Etch 4.0 * (Please, read the “Known Issues” section on my website)

Here is the full changelog:

* Added: Nvidia legacy driver 7185
* Fixed: Aticonfig moved xorg.conf
* Fixed: xorg.conf was not configured on Dapper
* Added: Nvidia Geforce Go 420/440 cards shouldn’t have a black screen any longer (DFP is now
passed as an option to xorg.conf)
* Added: Support for Debian Etch

You can download it here, as usual

27 thoughts on “Envy 0.9.3 STABLE adds the support for Debian Etch and Ubuntu Dapper

  1. Is good to see you supporting Dapper again, is just a logical action since ubuntu 6.06 is LTS! Is worth having a distro that has LTS by his developers and is not supporter by the developers of your favorites apps? I think not, but is what is happening to Dapper regardless.

  2. After needing to completely reinstall my system from trying to upgrade to Feisty from Edgy with Envy’s drivers, I am left wondering what exactly Envy can do that Feisty’s restricted drivers manager can’t?

  3. Schalken:
    1) there is a warning on Envy’s page about that. It takes only 2 mouse clicks to uninstall the driver from Envy and then you can dist-upgrade without any problem.

    2) What should a user do when s/he buys a graphic card (e.g. Geforce 8600 GTS, 8600 GT, 8500 GT, 8400 GS, 8300 GS, etc.). with the currently beta driver) which is supported ONLY by the latest Nvidia/ATI driver which is not in Ubuntu’s repositories?

    Should s/he bring his/her card back to the computer shop where s/he bought it?

    I hope not.

    (Envy will support the Nvidia driver 100.14.03 soon).

    3) Feisty’s restricted drivers manager can set up your xorg.conf only if you haven’t edited it manually before.

    4) Envy is not affected by this bug which prevents geforce 8800 users from using the Nvidia driver:

    5) Geforce Go 420/440 owners might face a black screen unless an option is passed to xorg.conf. Envy does that.

  4. Luca:
    you can install Envy on Feisty already (you can use the deb package).

    I’m not sure as to when I will set up repositories for Envy.

  5. Great Alberto, finally i got nvidia driver working on y Feisty Desktop with customkernel (2.6.21-viper1), and this is only with envy 😀

    (sorry for my terrible english, i used it because seems to be the official language on this Blog, but i’m italian ^^’ )

  6. Hello Alberto,

    For some reason I cannot install the latest version of Envy. An “error: dependency is not satisfiable: module-assistant” message pops up.


  7. Hello Alberto,

    I am wondering if envy can got working ATI Radeon Xpress 200 with beryl or compiz? I have tried anything without success. Well, I am newbie also.

    Juan C.

  8. Phil Silano:
    make sure that all your repositories (multiverse and uninverse) are enabled.

    Juan C.:
    ATI’s proprietary driver does not support AIGLX+Compiz or Beryl. You should use XGL (but it’s very buggy).

  9. Mmh, i’ve noticed a strange thing: synaptic says thath i have nvidia driver 7856, but on nvidia sites it results thath latest river are 7855…where is the trick?

  10. Cobra78:
    it’s a trick to make sure that the driver won’t be overwritten by a system update.

    However, if you type:
    dmesg | grep NVIDIA

    you’ll see the real version of the driver.

  11. Hi !

    i must thank you for all your effort you have put into making this script !

    this version worked with me (not all the others 0.9.2 before)
    as i have a geforce4 ti 4200 with AGP8x ! (just to let you know ^^)

  12. Ciao Alberto, sono Francesco è ho un problema…

    ho la tristemente famosa GeForce 4 420 go su toshiba laptop 2400-603:

    – dapper + driver serie 8xxx + modifiche xorg.conf e modprobe: funziona il 3D

    – edgy + driver serie 8xxx + modifiche xorg.conf e modprobe: funziona il 3D

    – feisty + driver serie 9xxx + modifiche xorg.conf e modprobe: schermo nero con chiazze bianco fantasma

    tu vuoi dirmi che con questa nuova versione di ENVY funziona tutto??? No perchè nel caso essendo mio padre di Squinzano quest’estate vengo a stringerti la mano…

    Francesco Miglietta

  13. Francesco:
    Non ho una GeForce 4 420 go ma alcuni utenti hanno riportato una soluzione che gli consentiva di usare il driver 9631 (che ho inserito in Envy).

    Prova Envy e, se non dovesse funzionare, ripristina il backup del tuo xorg.conf che ti avrà creato Envy.

  14. Alberto,

    Problem solved. I changed from an analog to a DVI cable between the video card and the monitor. On boot up all resolutions and modes were suddenly available.


  15. I tried to use this new version of Envy on Debian Etch. When I try to install ATI´s driver Envy sends me a message like this: Your OS seems to be not compatible with Envy. What´s wrong ?

  16. Lorca:
    1) try Envy’s latest stable release
    2) post the result of this command:
    lsb_release -c
    3) post your /var/log/envy-installer.log

  17. Now I have Ubuntu installed again on my laptop. This weekend I will try to reinstall Debian Etch on both computers, laptop and PC (one with Nvidia and the other with ATI ), and I will do this commands. Thank you very much, you are doing a great work 🙂

  18. Hi Alberto, the problem was that I haven´t installed the lsb-release command ( I always install Debian using the minimal CD ) After this the script runs well, but when it starts to make de Debian packages using the ATI driver there are an error. It tries to make “Ubuntu/etch” packages instead of “Debian/etch” packages and the installation fails. I tried with envy stable and unstable. See you.

  19. Hi Alberto,

    I’ve tried evny 0.9.5 and was able to install the ATI drivers, however when I reboot my laptop the resolution was messed up and distorted.

    I am using ATI FIREGL v5200 and the highest resolution supported is 1900×1200.

    I would apprecaite if you can help me with this issue.


  20. I have a laptop with ubuntu gutsy gibbon installed. It is a Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 with a Nvidia Gforce 420 Go. The problem is that when I chose the restricted drivers, when I reboot I only get a black screen. Then I can only conect my laptop to another screen with the vga cable, and chose the open drivers (I don’t have 3d graphics with them). I have never edited xorg.

    Do you think envy is going to solve the “black screen problem”?

    Sorry about my English, I’m Spanish;)

  21. @Qtpaxa
    I think it should solve your problem.

    Download “Envy New” and let me know how it goes.

    NOTE: if it doesn’t solve your problem you can always type:
    sudo envy –uninstall-all

    and the open source driver will be restored

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